«Brilliance» and «Jinbei» Chinese runners in Lebanon

AutoXpert entered into a modern company in the trade of a car in Lebanon, a partnership agreement with a group of Brilliance Auto, the Chinese company active in the automotive industry, to take over the exclusive distribution and representation of the quotation and Brilliance Jinbei a bus and buses in Lebanon. The company has revealed recently in Lebanon car M1, M2, FSV, FRV of Brilliance Jinbei and buses, especially minibuses and Alkarju the presence of personalities and groups representative of a group Brilliance Auto in China and chaired by the Director-General Yang Yongjin sub. He spoke the way Andre Sidawi Chairman of the Executive Director for autoXpert, and added that «the acquisition of Brilliance large share of the market for luxury cars in China in coming models minibuses and Alkarju it is Jinbei in first place with a market share of more than 35 percent of the market, sold more than a million bus », stressing that both these brands a unique identity as hauntingly with the latest technology in the automotive world because of their cooperation actively with leading companies from Germany and Japan. He stressed Yang to «sign Brilliance commercial attaches great importance to its strategic partnerships with major car manufacturers in the world, such as BMW, Porsche, Toyota, note that the vehicles we produce are creating top creators Italians in the field of sports car design, including Giorgetto Giugiaro. The group aims to introduce the car sedan from Brilliance as BMW China's new, while offering mini-buses from Jinbei Toyota vehicle that modern Chinese ».
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Mini Kwobr good despite drawbacks

The car the Minicooper clubman good some of the shortcomings which, it's going to 4-cylinder and the power of 118 horsepower and operate at a 1.6-liter, which is electric powered and is a vehicle sensitive and is comfortable to drive because the angles are good, well it was working manual transmission 6-speed gearbox. The vehicle will be considered suitable for the quality of the man who wants economical car as it has a large area from the inside, and disadvantages that it causes some noise while driving and riding is still the Aara, but will be stressful to the passengers of the rear portion they will climb through the driver's door.
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Russia challenges the "Hammer" style "Brombron"

Seems that the decision of General Motors to halt production model of the "Hammer" final, make many other companies, is seriously considering the production of models like him, to compensate for the absence of that kind of luxury cars, which are distinguished by their military. Among the companies that have succeeded during the last period in the manufacture of a car similar to the "Hammer", the "Rosso Baltic Russian", which provided a new type envelope expertise of the maker Russian military, under the name "Brombron." Provided with the Russian company "Brombron" big engine with a magnitude of 450 horsepower, an eight-cylinder with a capacity of 8.1 liters, but from the inside it facing the finest leather used in the world of luxury yachts for business and the wealthy. In spite of the high weight of the armored vehicle, amounting to 3700 kg, but that its presence during the exhibition featured Monaco last met with the admiration of many visitors other than price, which exceeded 1.5 million euros, according to Emirates Today reported. Referred to as company "Renault" the French have been unveiled for a copy of a civil aircraft "Sherpa" warplanes, equipped with diesel engine, automatic transmission with six speeds, which can cause torque 800 Nm / m, and the angle of rotation of 60 degrees. There is also a system, lift the car off the ground by 630 cm, and the system "CTIS" to inflate the tires of the cab, as well as the brake discs with four-wheel system "ABS", and the seats are reserved for rugged racing, and sophisticated dashboard. It is worth mentioning that the model "Hammer" is a reproduction of the famous military vehicle "Humvee" the world has known after the outbreak of the Second Gulf War, and particularly during Operation Desert Storm, after she appeared in the media is locked in battle.
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"Ford" looking close "Mercury" final

Is preparing the "Ford" American cars to stop car production, "Mercury" and end the presence of the brand of the car. The U.S. press reports on Sunday that those responsible for "Ford" company intend to present a proposal to the board of the American company in July by closing the "Mercury" is final. The same reports that the director of operations, "Ford," Alan Mulally intends to focus on the mark "Ford" during the coming period after selling other marks are owned by the "Ford" such as "Volvo" and "Jaguar" and "Land Rover" and "Aston Martin." Mulally is credited with helping the American company famous in bankruptcy to avoid the fate experienced by the competitors, "General Motors" and "Chrysler." However, Mulally did not confirm the validity of the news reported about the decision to close the "Mercury," he said in a news briefing last week that there are no new plans related to the "Ford" or "Lincoln" or "Mercury." It is noteworthy that the sales of "Mercury" decreased by 74% during the past ten years, and last year sold 92.299 vehicles, and analysts say that the "Ford" deprived "Mercury" of marketing plans in order not to spend more money on that mark.
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Increase the production car in the world 50%

Recovered the global car production rose by more than 50% during the first quarter of this year, according to data compiled by the newspaper "Financial Times" British, despite speculation that auto sales in major markets will not reach 2008 levels before 2014. Data showed a dozen of the biggest market of world car markets, which account for more than three-quarters of the global car production increased an average of more than 50% in the first quarter of 2010 compared with the same period the previous year. In China, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to increase annual production exceeded 70%. These figures are consistent with the assurances announced by top corporate executives in the automotive industry that the worst of the crisis, which began after the banking crisis in late 2008 has passed away. Announced recently by both the "Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat" plans huge investment involving manufacturing operations worldwide, especially in China and Latin America. In the same context, "said Calum MacRae of the" PWC ", which collected the figures based on industry data in each individual country and to its estimates," During the first quarter of last year, turning everyone to the policy of controlling the accumulation of stock, but now we are witnessing a compensation losses it suffered last year. "newspaper as" Union "of the UAE. Do not include the production of cars in France or Iran, which are considered among the top 12 products in the world and due to lack of data. Despite the sharp rise in auto production is expected to automakers decline in sales in Europe by at least 10% this year and given to stop the incentives to scrap old cars that had been introduced in 2009 to support the industry. Despite booming sales in the emerging markets such as China, firm predicts, "PWC" that the world production this year of 65 million cars will be less four million cars off the peak before the crisis the 69 million cars in 2007 and less than five hundred and thirty thousand car (530.000) for the production in 2006.
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Toyota Unveils "Scion iQ" and "Scion tC"

Revealed Toyota Motor Corporation, a giant auto industry in the world, two new cars are "Scion iQ" and "Scion tC", at the New York Auto Show. The launch of Toyota's cars, these re-designed totally committed to the provision of vehicles intended for young people in all countries in the world and the Middle East. Taatdment two new cars a lot of specifications and features that emulate the spirit of young people and meet their needs and desires of different, especially car "Scion tC" sports coupe. Featuring a car with five seats, exterior design and a wonderful young man, and the sporty engine with a capacity of 2,5 liters and the power of 180 hp, front-drive system, in addition to the transmission shifts normal six or automatic. And contains a car "Scion tC" specifications for many needs and desires of young people at their command, such as sound system consisting of eight speakers distributed throughout the interior of the car, in addition to a USB interface with the possibility of netting iPod (iPod) easily in the space him and enjoy the music. The car Scion iQ, as reported in the Constitution, the predominant class of compact cars and economic development, because it has an economic engine with a capacity of 1,3 liters, consumed 6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Featuring Scion iQ design external youth and unique addition to many other features such as the wonderful music sound system, automatic brake system and ABS, as well as it is equipped with ten airbags.
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Decline in new car sales in Europe

Sales of new cars in the European Union and twenty-seven during the month of April, in contrast with increased demand for cars in the United States, Asia and South America greatly.

The total new car sales in the EU during the past month, as reported in the Libyan 0.13100000 car, down by 4.7% compared to sales the same month last year 2009.

The Association of European car sales of new cars during the first four months of this year rose by 8.4% over the same period last year.

In Germany, auto sales fell last month by 7.31% to 260 thousand cars, while car sales increased in France during the last month by 9.1% and in Britain by 5.11% and in Belgium 3.20% and in Spain by 3.39%.
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