"Ford" looking close "Mercury" final

Is preparing the "Ford" American cars to stop car production, "Mercury" and end the presence of the brand of the car. The U.S. press reports on Sunday that those responsible for "Ford" company intend to present a proposal to the board of the American company in July by closing the "Mercury" is final. The same reports that the director of operations, "Ford," Alan Mulally intends to focus on the mark "Ford" during the coming period after selling other marks are owned by the "Ford" such as "Volvo" and "Jaguar" and "Land Rover" and "Aston Martin." Mulally is credited with helping the American company famous in bankruptcy to avoid the fate experienced by the competitors, "General Motors" and "Chrysler." However, Mulally did not confirm the validity of the news reported about the decision to close the "Mercury," he said in a news briefing last week that there are no new plans related to the "Ford" or "Lincoln" or "Mercury." It is noteworthy that the sales of "Mercury" decreased by 74% during the past ten years, and last year sold 92.299 vehicles, and analysts say that the "Ford" deprived "Mercury" of marketing plans in order not to spend more money on that mark.

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