Russia challenges the "Hammer" style "Brombron"

Seems that the decision of General Motors to halt production model of the "Hammer" final, make many other companies, is seriously considering the production of models like him, to compensate for the absence of that kind of luxury cars, which are distinguished by their military. Among the companies that have succeeded during the last period in the manufacture of a car similar to the "Hammer", the "Rosso Baltic Russian", which provided a new type envelope expertise of the maker Russian military, under the name "Brombron." Provided with the Russian company "Brombron" big engine with a magnitude of 450 horsepower, an eight-cylinder with a capacity of 8.1 liters, but from the inside it facing the finest leather used in the world of luxury yachts for business and the wealthy. In spite of the high weight of the armored vehicle, amounting to 3700 kg, but that its presence during the exhibition featured Monaco last met with the admiration of many visitors other than price, which exceeded 1.5 million euros, according to Emirates Today reported. Referred to as company "Renault" the French have been unveiled for a copy of a civil aircraft "Sherpa" warplanes, equipped with diesel engine, automatic transmission with six speeds, which can cause torque 800 Nm / m, and the angle of rotation of 60 degrees. There is also a system, lift the car off the ground by 630 cm, and the system "CTIS" to inflate the tires of the cab, as well as the brake discs with four-wheel system "ABS", and the seats are reserved for rugged racing, and sophisticated dashboard. It is worth mentioning that the model "Hammer" is a reproduction of the famous military vehicle "Humvee" the world has known after the outbreak of the Second Gulf War, and particularly during Operation Desert Storm, after she appeared in the media is locked in battle.

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