«Brilliance» and «Jinbei» Chinese runners in Lebanon

AutoXpert entered into a modern company in the trade of a car in Lebanon, a partnership agreement with a group of Brilliance Auto, the Chinese company active in the automotive industry, to take over the exclusive distribution and representation of the quotation and Brilliance Jinbei a bus and buses in Lebanon. The company has revealed recently in Lebanon car M1, M2, FSV, FRV of Brilliance Jinbei and buses, especially minibuses and Alkarju the presence of personalities and groups representative of a group Brilliance Auto in China and chaired by the Director-General Yang Yongjin sub. He spoke the way Andre Sidawi Chairman of the Executive Director for autoXpert, and added that «the acquisition of Brilliance large share of the market for luxury cars in China in coming models minibuses and Alkarju it is Jinbei in first place with a market share of more than 35 percent of the market, sold more than a million bus », stressing that both these brands a unique identity as hauntingly with the latest technology in the automotive world because of their cooperation actively with leading companies from Germany and Japan. He stressed Yang to «sign Brilliance commercial attaches great importance to its strategic partnerships with major car manufacturers in the world, such as BMW, Porsche, Toyota, note that the vehicles we produce are creating top creators Italians in the field of sports car design, including Giorgetto Giugiaro. The group aims to introduce the car sedan from Brilliance as BMW China's new, while offering mini-buses from Jinbei Toyota vehicle that modern Chinese ».

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