Lexus is preparing to launch high-speed car

Preparing company "Toyota" to introduce the new sports model "of Lexus. F. Er," which is expected to represent a qualitative leap for the Japanese group, especially after they were provided with structure made of carbon fiber engine next to the mighty power 552 hp. And provided Toyota "Lexus. F. Er" engine developer of Yamaha "V10" capacity of 4.8, which makes the car sped 202 miles per hour after up to 62 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds. Similar to the new car, Ferrari, the famous, but that price is characterized by a very special, as can the client in Europe to buy about 360 thousand euros, or (375 thousand dollars in the U.S. market). And provides the engine of 552 horsepower, and achieves up to nine cycles of thousands of RPM, torque 480 Nm / m, and this is linked to the engine mated to an automatic six-speed was installed in the back half of the car to achieve proportionality in the distribution of the weight of the car. It is operated by the carrier switches behind the steering wheel, and can choose one of four different systems of leadership: automatic, and normal and, starting on slippery surfaces, and Sports Leadership, and each program the various settings of the engine. Of the 500 vehicles will be launched end of this year, the company will produce 50 vehicles dedicated to the race track under the name "Norbergranj", with the addition of 70 thousand dollars to the price.

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