Toyota Unveils "Scion iQ" and "Scion tC"

Revealed Toyota Motor Corporation, a giant auto industry in the world, two new cars are "Scion iQ" and "Scion tC", at the New York Auto Show. The launch of Toyota's cars, these re-designed totally committed to the provision of vehicles intended for young people in all countries in the world and the Middle East. Taatdment two new cars a lot of specifications and features that emulate the spirit of young people and meet their needs and desires of different, especially car "Scion tC" sports coupe. Featuring a car with five seats, exterior design and a wonderful young man, and the sporty engine with a capacity of 2,5 liters and the power of 180 hp, front-drive system, in addition to the transmission shifts normal six or automatic. And contains a car "Scion tC" specifications for many needs and desires of young people at their command, such as sound system consisting of eight speakers distributed throughout the interior of the car, in addition to a USB interface with the possibility of netting iPod (iPod) easily in the space him and enjoy the music. The car Scion iQ, as reported in the Constitution, the predominant class of compact cars and economic development, because it has an economic engine with a capacity of 1,3 liters, consumed 6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Featuring Scion iQ design external youth and unique addition to many other features such as the wonderful music sound system, automatic brake system and ABS, as well as it is equipped with ten airbags.

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