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Media reports said on Tuesday that the company "Volkswagen" German automobile manufacturer is considering opening a factory for assembling cars in Taiwan, to produce cars for the Taiwan market and export markets. Prime Minister Chen Wu Dean - Yi that a representative of one of the "industry auto-pilot" in the world met him for the second time this week to discuss investment in Taiwan, noting that it is scheduled to visit the officials of that company Taiwan later this month to select the site to build the plant. Wu said Dean - Yi that the foreign company wants to invest in Taiwan since it is expected to sign the last of the Framework Convention for economic cooperation with China soon, to enjoy exemption from customs duties for many products. Prime Minister did not mention the name of Taiwan's automobile industry. However, the newspaper "the United Daily News" and "Commercial Times" and "Economic Daily News" quoted a trade official, who asked not to be named, identified the company as a "Volkswagen". It quoted "Economic Daily News" the official as saying that if the conduct of all matters as well, would establish a "Volkswagen" car assembly factory by the end of the year in the area of Park County Industrial Co., Ltd. Chanajabin Chanjhoa western Taiwan. The newspaper "Commercial Times" that the company "Volkswagen" the largest car manufacturer in Europe, plans to spend between one billion and five billion Taiwan dollars between 31 million and 156 million U.S. dollars to build the plant, which will serve to collect a hundred thousand cars annually at least.

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