Decline in car sales in Europe 9%

A consortium of European car manufacturers on Tuesday that sales of new cars in the European Union fell 9.3% last May with the demise of the effects of government support for the auto industry and the continuing difficult economic climate. The federation said the May sales fell by a total of 1129508 cars licensed is the second monthly decline this year due to the "end of government support schemes on the one hand and the growth of the difficult economic situation of the other." According to global reports Tuesday. Governments have the automakers that have been affected by the economic crisis last year by scrapping plans for the replacement of old cars, boosting demand, but these schemes completed or in the way to completion and is concerned with car manufacturers on the results of the second half of the year. In Germany's largest car market in Europe and that ended the plan of scrapping in September 2009 decreased new car registrations rose 35.1%, in France, which you end the planned scrapping gradually decreased new car registrations of 11.5% in May compared with the same period last year, in Spain, which is still the plan scrapping a valid new car registrations rose by 44.6% in May, a significant increase compared to the same month in 2009. The data, issued in early June, is already a mixed picture in the main European car markets in May with higher sales in Spain and the decline in France and Italy, which showed the impact of government support.

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