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Was not enthusiastic most visitors to visit the global star Paris Hilton in Cairo for the opening of the exhibition "Auto Make News Day 2010" which wound up last week. Over 2711 visitors to the site for not Todim to attend the Hilton in Cairo for the opening of this annual event, and through their vote in a poll published by the website on the homepage with the start of the exhibition is important, at a rate reached 44.86%. On the other hand, supported the 1781 reader to attend the Cairo Hilton for this event, considering that its presence an important event with a rate of 29.47%. 1551 readers preferred not to select any of the previous two, considering that the visit to Cairo Hilton and opening of "Auto Make 2010" does not concern them at all. Participated in the survey about 6043 readers for nearly ten days, during which the survey has been developed on the home page of the site of five days duration of the show. The Hilton attended the conference opened with a special exhibition in the presence of officials of the companies participating in the show only, without any news of the day with the exception of journalists to participate in the organization.

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