Renault Dastr volatility of prices in the balance Auto Make

Tipped the balance of the French company Renault prices during the exhibition "Auto Make" car, which is being held suburb of Nasr City in Cairo, after it submitted a new model "Dastr", from the category of "SUV", at an attractive price. And put Renault Dastr three categories, the first depends on the system front drag, at 110 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the second copy of the payment system and accessories for a trailing front at 120 thousand pounds, The highest categories Dastr will be priced at 130 thousand pounds is based on four-wheel drive system. The car, "Dastr" and produced by "Dacia" Romanian, of promising models in the world of SUVs, which ensured that Renault design and processing from the inside, while Japan's Nissan have provided its expertise in advanced suspension systems. Renault has designed the new model template for modern outsider, it contains the lines of a well-designed components and other sport granted a sense of modernity and elegance, but inside it facing a dashboard similar to the model of "Logan", and advanced security equipment. The car has a cabin a spacious and practical five-passenger adults with interior spaces for storage and trunk capacity of 475 distinct liters without folding rear seats and 1,600 liters after the collapse, there are also high level of quality of termination and the quality of materials used in the home.

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