Fluoride .. Cool Beer .. Hoover, the most prominent models Great Wall

Alliance of the last of the group Bavarian agent for signs of luxury in the Egyptian market, Al-Arab proxy Alamt ancient and famous in the Egyptian market has emerged as models mark the Great Wall of China on the platform company Bavarian Ezz new through the participation of the company alliance new in the last session of the exhibition Otto Mac 2010, under the umbrella of the alliance appeared Great Wall in three different models to meet the requirements of a wide range of consumers, a Hoover models that belong to the category of utilitarian cars and multi-use SUV Alhach Pak fluoride elegant and distinctive, which belongs to the car category, multi-tasking MPV Cool Beer. Look Great Wall fluoride from the outset as a car nature SHABABEY stylish carefully designed, but is worth mentioning that this design is not design company Great Wall, but taken from the design model of a celebrity in Japan and, does the Convention concluded between them or simply to agree no one knows is a confirmed , either internally characterized by limited Great Wall fluoride breadth to allow sitting briefly in five adults comfortably full and also the height of the ceiling which would confer a better atmosphere of comfort for tall, of the things that characterize interior design of the dashboard and the status of the dashboard in the center, which allows for a better view of the driver, The fluoride used Brush velvety seats gives a sense of well-being. The interior of fluoride a lot of comfort and luxury such as a CD and MP3 with six speakers the possibility of controlling the sound from the steering wheel, control wiring in the windshield and rear glass, Rear Dark with the possibility of adjust the height of headlights from the inside, as can the rear seats folded by 1 / 3 and 2 / 3. As for security systems Fjrit Wall fluoride assisted braking system comes Volazep doors and pillars of protection profiles, radar backdoors, Sad Hoaiitin for the driver and front passenger. The use of fluoride an engine capacity of 1.5 liters depends on technological VVT technology which change valve timing smart that improve fuel economy in parallel, giving a better capacity of the engine, the instigator is able to generate power of 105 hp at the number of laps to 6000 rpm with a torque to a maximum of 138 Nm at 4200 rpm and a maximum speed of this car is 170 km / h, and comes with fluoride Transmission: five-speed manual or the carrier's new CVT technology, and sophisticated shopping fluoride in the Egyptian market with prices starting from 63.900 LE What distinguishes the Great Wall Cool Bear it is considered an alternative to multiple classes of cars, and for a number of reasons, including the spaciousness of the home and ceiling height, which distinguishes the car from the category of , and features Cole Bear design, distinctive exterior and the strange and unconventional, which gives a strong sense that you have a car distinct, but this model also designed Cited strongly from one of the Japanese companies, while the interior is undoubtedly too broad and allows for 5 adults comfortably in the sitting, which qualifies this car to be very suitable for families, especially in travel long, also features Cole Bear Ptabloh given a huge sense of luxury and the large size of the car, but with some observations about the status and the form of counters, and the interior trim of the car velvety and the status of good leadership to be given better comfort when you travel for long periods. Has a booth Cole Bear a wide range of equipment entertainment, we have provided the exclusive operator cylinders CD, MP3 with six Stereo HI FI with the possibility of controlling the sound from the steering wheel, glass electric front and rear glass, Rear Dark, control circuit in the height of headlights from inside the the cabin, and the status of the steering wheel with adjustable folding rear seats 1 / 3 and 2 / 3, and the interior of the existence of Cole Weber storage places, including many places of storage under the front passenger seat in addition to the list of basic equipment available in any modern car. Was provided with Cool Beer numerous safety systems developed as Nizami , in addition to the pillars Volazep doors for protection, Sad Hoaiitin for the driver and front passenger, Radara my successor to help behind the car, central locking for doors and seat belts are adjustable and the steering wheel equipped with shock absorber . Off the car engine and a single carrying code with a capacity of 1.5 liters based on a technology VVT, this engine is capable of generating a total force of 105 horse up to it at 6000 rpm and torque to 138 Nm Anj 4200 rpm and a maximum speed of this vehicle is 160 km / h, and comes with this engine Transmission Manual five-speed gearbox or the new carrier to be Scarves Garibas technology CVT, and shopping Cole Bear at a competitive price starts from 74.900 Egyptian pounds. Under the slogan launched by the Great Wall on this model, a show Hoover is a good and harmonious Odhu an independent person in the design, SKMC revolutionize crisp, such as the large bulbs made of crystal which gives next to design attractive lighting wider, and the air system made of chrome surrounding a sign of the Great Wall "-like shield" with Aliksaddam huge, which emphasizes the sporting character of this car, also features the car in its broad side quiet and mirrors side equipped with signals Detour, With regard to Almqsrop they are characterized by calm in the design while retaining the status of good leadership, Vtablop car is simple, orderly and easier for the driver use of and access to all of its contents easily without the fluctuations hands while driving, and the limited Hoover brings many of the specifications of luxury and comfort in addition to the spaciousness that allows you to enjoy the leadership and make the trip enjoyable, and equipment well-glass wiring for the windows of the four sensors, rain, remote control with a property closure the automatic after 30 seconds, sunroof smart glass, Rear Dark coverings leather luxury, the screen forward to view the data and vehicle information, and triggers adjusted data and the audio system consisting of a DVD-player CD, MP3 with 8 speakers to distribute sound evenly and the ability to adjust the driver's seat, electrically, Entertainment DVD player and rear view camera and various equipment, which gives a sense of complete comfort and luxury. Featuring Hoover proximity to the latest techniques of security technology through a system developer from Bosch German system includes prevent the closure of the brake ABS system, electronic distribution of brake force EBD and the new system TCS to prevent wheel slip and is able to control the movement of the vehicle and the rate of rotation of each wheel to prevent slipping wheels during sudden acceleration in sharp curves, the car is also equipped with Posadtin Hoaiitin for the driver and front passenger, Rear radar to assist in the corner, Volazep beams in the doors, Iemboleezzr system, Central Lock, security lock for cars, fog lamps front and rear. We have provided the Hoover became available from the engines from Mitsubishi, the first with a capacity of 2.0-liter model Mitsubishi 4G63 is capable of generating power of 122 hp at 5250 rpm and torque to a maximum of 170 Nm at 3000 rpm, while the second engine is one of the model Mitsubishi 4G69 with a capacity of 2.4 liters is able to generate a total force of 136 horse up to it at 5250 rpm and torque to 200 Nm at 3000 rpm, and depend Hofer for the manual transmission, a five-speed transfer engine power to the rear axle of the vehicle or axes Ruba'a depending on model sold.

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