Display a car with James Bond in the British auction

Announced that the British auction house RM Auctions for a width of the car's legendary Aston Martin DB5, which appeared in the films "James Bond" famous, a public auction on 27 October in London. This car is one of the two revolts famous star Sean Connery in the films, Goldfinger and Thunderball. This car is the only remaining before. It is worth noting that the car incorporates many of the amendments made by the expert tricks and effects movie "John Stairs" and designed to suit the film, which won thanks to an Academy Award. Car equipped with machine guns and the shield of bullet-resistant and the possibility of changing the plates Otomateka and machine gun fire to patches of oil in the ground and other possibilities. Is expected to announce in the auction if Kanat these possibilities are still working or not!. No announcement on the price of your auction, which will begin but it is expected to be very high.

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