"Kia Sportage 2010" for the first time in Egypt

The company launched Egyptian International Trade and Agencies (EIT) the sole agent for cars "Kia" South Korea in Egypt for the first time her new "Kia Sportage" 2010 by Auto Make Exhibition 2010. The new generation of "Sportage" in the form of an entirely new and is designed with a new line has been the use of a more dynamic design with an internal athlete achieve the highest levels of comfort. Were provided with the car that belongs to the category of SUV medium-sized powerful motor capacity 2000 CC C strongly up to 166 hp through the automatic transmission. Sporty design and dynamic lines The price of a new car between 300.000 and 330.000 pounds. Referred to as "Kia Sportage" I knew in the Egyptian market and the world for many years and was able to achieve great successes between SUV medium-sized enterprises.

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