Brilliance made the largest reductions FRV and FSV

The group announced the Bavarian Motor (BAG) and Under-cars "Brilliance" Chinese in Egypt for several promotions through their participation in the exhibition "Auto Make Today's News 2010", which ends Monday. And made presentations on the company's inventory FRV, FSV for a limited time starting price models of 69.900 pounds during the show instead of only 79.000 pounds for FRV hatchback, and 83.900 pounds for FSV sedan. And began the exhibition "Auto Make Today's News 2010" last Thursday to the public and will continue until next Monday, as he was the official opening on Wednesday evening without public access. FSV The (BAG) has introduced "FSV Sedan" three models GL 1.5L engine produces 102 HP, and Osadtin Hoaiitin Radio CD/MP3/AUX & USB, and center lock, four glass bulb, and the power steering system and ABS / EBD braking. The type II GLS 1.5L with the same features first-class, but all the luxuries the former as well as lamps Cborp, sensitive to the corner, and Remote Control, and assists and electrical and engine running without a key, the third model and final GLS 1.6L is characterized with the same specifications of type II, but it is 1600 cc .

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