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Saw the exhibition "Auto Make News Day 2010" which runs until Monday the first advent of the car "Spyker C8 Iileiron" posed by the Egyptian company commercial and automotive Under "Volkswagen and Audi" in Egypt. This car is the same that were presented for the first time at the Geneva International Exhibition and it was the turn on "Auto Make Today's News" to witness presented to the Egyptian public for the first time. According to a statement received copy of it. Company was established "Spyker" Dutch in 1880 by Dutch brothers and Hndricaian Yakobus Speicher. , The company has reached the summit in 1898 when it was handed over luxury car, "Golden State Coach" for Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in the period. And still the car, "Golden State Coach" is used so far by the royal family in the Netherlands for special occasions as well as in the opening session of parliament. In 1903 made "Spyker" her strongly developed 80 hp, and was the first car powered valves and six-wheel drive system and brake system distributed over four wheels. Been promoting the status of "Spyker" in 1907 when it ended her race ten thousand miles between Paris and Beijing in second place, and in 1910 made the Dutch company was a new type of engines in 1910 works by 4 valves pole Hdbat innovative was designed by architect Joseph Aviuliet, and each Hdbat column runs on two valves engine. In 1914 merged "Spyker" with the aircraft factory of the Dutch and during World War I produced "Spyker" 100 combat aircraft and 200 engines aircraft, after the end of World War I in 1919 provided Spyker for the first time sports car C1 Oirokok and was for display only, but was Limited production of some versions of them later and enjoyed a flat design is derived from aircraft design at the time. In 1921 managed the car "C4 Tenax" achieved a record traffic for 36 days consecutively conclusive sarcastically described Al-estimated 30000 km, In the year that followed the driver of the racing mogul Celvin Edge broke the record for average speed was recorded in 1907 and has chosen the car C4 to task , an average speed of 120 km per hour during the two periods of 12 hours. A new start with the beginning of the millennium In 1925, after 45 years of its construction stopped, "Spyker" from work to come back again with the beginning of the new millennium, after a hiatus of 75 years, In 2000 the "Spyker" car C8 Spyder in the course of Birmingham International, England, also made a race car at Le Mans for the carrying C8 Double 12 R Gallery in Frankfurt in 2001 and in 2002 made "Spyker" version of ordinary passenger cars from this category and was named C8 Double 12 S. And became the company's joint-stock company in 2004 after joining the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, a year later made the car C8 Spider GT2R second place in the 1000 km race Bnorbergranj Bolmanba In the same year also achieved second place in the GT2 race in Dubai. In 2006, select the "Spyker" car by year in the category of luxury sports cars through the vote on the largest and most popular site China and Asian this along with access to second place as the best sports car in Beijing by Fortune Magazine In the same year was also the first appearance for "Spyker: D12 Peking-to-Paris at the Geneva show, to be a compelling presence of a distinct and noticeable attention.

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