"Daihatsu" Diamond giving a gift to its customers

Provided a "Daihatos Egypt," Under the Japanese brand in Egypt, a presentation on all configurations during the exhibition "Auto Make 2010", except for the car, "Siriun 1". An official source at the "Daihatsu Egypt" on the sidelines of participation in the exhibition "Auto Make News Day 2010" that there is an offer reduced on all models, "Daihatsu" except Siriun 1 includes access to a valuable gift products, "Damas" of diamonds. The source added that the purchase "Daihatsu" during the show or under contract before its expiration date next week gets a coupon from "Damas" paid between 3500 to 5000 pounds, according to the car. The "Daihatsu Egypt" to ensure their vehicles for three years or 100 thousand kilometers, has starred during the exhibition.

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