Photography is forbidden to approach the model of "Bentley"

The imposition of Bentley Pavilion in the exhibition "Auto Make," which is being held in Cairo suburb of Nasr City, a special procedure to their cars, during the display in the halls allocated to them. Could not present during the Auto Make that they approached the car and touch or even photograph close-up, due to the high value of the car beyond the price one million pounds without taxes. The exterior of the Bentley engine 600 hp with a magnitude of a 12-cylinder and a torque increased by an additional 15%, and there are also filter air, low and broad network file provides a smoother flow of excess air. The maximum speed of the car 326 miles per hour, and moves from zero to 100 km per hour, a time of 4.5 seconds, in addition to their ability to overcome the car smoothly and without trouble, as they have speed automatic transmission with six-speed gearbox and equipped with model GT Speed. Referred to as the Bentley car that won the admiration of viewers in the movie End of the World 2012, which starred U.S. actor John Cusack, actress Amanda Peet, and directed by German genius specialist Ronald Iimric disaster movie. Bentley has played a major role in the film, which hit the runtime of two hours and a half, where the hero of the movie John Cusack led the car and jump out of the back of the Russian transport aircraft "Antonov", which stopped all engines because of bad weather. He was able Kozak to drive in a masterly manner, in the icy and bumpy even managed to stabilize it, to start all the heroes of the film after that a new journey to reach the ship (ark) that were manufactured in China to the world's rich to protect them from disaster that will befall the planet Earth.

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