British company development «smart windows» able to monitor status and condition of the road

Because the tires play a major role in driving safety, especially on the international highways, the more specialist advice, which calls attention to the situation drivers tire, especially before long trips. And basic tips provided by the automobile clubs of the drivers need to ensure that Itarathm fully packed with air as the tire is blown well lead to higher temperatures, leading to organ damage and increased consumption of gasoline. Windows needs to be tested every 14 days when they are cold. The main advice the need to avoid loading the car for more than a load capacity and the need to modify the air pressure inside the tires, according to the load, note that the combination of high speed low pressure air in the tires hurt them badly. Among these tips as well the need to avoid to stop the car it attached to the pavement stones at the edge of the road because of friction directly harms the edges of the tires, and to have all four tires in a vehicle similar type and quality required it. In this context, practitioners are advised to avoid the use of frames older than eight years because the rubber starts to decompose over the years. But most of these concerns placed on the driver of the car may disappear if the British company has promised to produce «smart windows». According to the announcement by the company «Cradar Electronics» taken from England-based, will become able to monitor tire condition, road condition, and «communication» with the system's e-car ... And within three years from now, it has formed a company - specialized in providing the sensor mechanism for the auto industry - a joint team with the company «Pirelli» the world's leading tire industry to develop future technology windows and launch in European markets. The company said that the framework Intelligent «Cyber Tire Lin» will measure the air pressure, temperature and the number of sessions. It is expected to be put up for sale in the market by 2013. The company says that the idea based on a sensor is installed inside the frame instead of the subject over the air valve or the edge of the outer frame as is the case now. And then passed the information wirelessly to receivers installed on the steering wheel, including the electronic system in your car which will make the best use of the dynamics of the car in order to ensure better control of its leadership.

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