Designer Germany reviving car «Hispano - Swiza»

After as several car companies bearing the names of famous - such as «Bugatti» and «Spyker» - to renew the configurations of old and turn them into icons great rush by motorists superior despite the prices high, joined the company «Hispano - Swiza» (Swiss - Spanish) known to ride these companies to produce a car considered many of those involved in the auto industry engineering masterpiece and fine art. It is known that the company's Swiss - Spanish history industrially well-founded due to the pre-World War II, it was a diverse product have always been considered among the best in the world, starting with the engines of aircraft and the end of the tools kitchen, furniture, pens and other things that were most exquisite species, and of course the regular cars and sports both . The man who currently stands behind sent the name of the new Swiss is not Spain, but Germany is named citizen Hemel Irwin was working as chief designers at the company «Audi» Cars in Munich. There began having the idea of the rebirth of this vehicle «Hspano - Swiza» previously gained a stellar reputation. In Munich, where he worked Hemel, put the initial designs for the production of a super class of this brand famous works of ten-cylinder engine «V10» with turbo charging double. Finally, decide to build the car in Switzerland, and marketed by the company's offices in Barcelona (Spain), confirmation of the legitimacy of the company name. This is a vehicle, regardless of formalities, a monster, but Behndam civilized and very good, Vqlbha made entirely of aluminum reinforced along the lines of model «Audi R8», which was designed from Hemel well, and motor of the ten-cylinder V10 capacity 5.2-liter generates 518 capacity HP Almklakep. The Hemel shippers to add turbo to this engine, raising power to 740 hp Mekphya a maximum speed of 205 miles, and the ability to accelerate from zero to the speed of 62 miles during the 3.4 seconds, versus 3.9 seconds to drive your original «Audi». Differ new models exactly what his audience a car in previous models that used to appear sometimes in some movies, classics, has been designed Hemel exoskeleton entire fiber-carbonate solid and light weight too, taking into account angles and curves and beautiful back who hails elegantly down to come to the design of flow- too, which is the important factor in any vehicle of this type. The interior is a leather and carbon, which lends an atmosphere of luxury combined with comfortable. This is what justifies the price of 700 thousand euros. Hemel say that this car, despite its strength, is not designed for racing, but a classic vehicle back the glories of the past and are able to use their power and speed on the international highways. But that does not mean they are not suitable for racing, especially as they proved during the field trials it is strong opposition to the most prominent global brands well-known in this regard. It seems that this vehicle is only the beginning of the aspirations of Hemel, who is considering the launch of version «Roadster» them, two seats. These include the current car is now two small rear seats. Will be followed by hybrid car engines: petroleum and other electric power 148 hp installed in front of the car, would raise the power to 888 hp Mekphya, while allowing them to roam into the city, his ability alone, quietly, without making any sound or noise, and without emitting any exhaust harmful. Buyers and Sejer between bus speed manual, or another hand-pedal work. Hemel says he will make between 20 and 25 cars annually, to begin sales this autumn. But there are obstacles still stand in these ambitious projects, namely, that in spite of a Hemel reviving the ancient name of this company in the automotive world, but the company «Hspano - Swiza» in Spain claims to have her name since the beginning of the establishment of the company, especially as it continues to produce engines small planes. This is paid to raise a formal complaint before the European Court in the wake of the disclosure of new vehicle at the Geneva Show earlier this year, meaning that Hemel may be deprived of the gains to name «Hspano - Swiza» on the new production. However, to the European Court to decide, soon, in this trade dispute, insisting Hemel to ensure that it will continue production of this dream without any hindrance.

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