Chevrolet Volt .. Technology Summit electric cars in the world

General Motors unveiled Egypt unveiled the Chevrolet Volt, smart electric powered and keep the environment from pollution through its participation in the Auto Make Today's News 2010 which took place in Egypt during the (June 3 to 7) this month. The Chevrolet Volt production version, and reflects a new era in the world automobile industry, where GM has developed a new class of vehicles powered by electric constant (E-REV). The Chevrolet Volt car category "environmentally friendly", as they do not use fuel and therefore do not generate any emissions harm the environment or human health. And enjoy the Chevrolet Volt strong performance and excellent and enhanced calm absolute, and this is thanks to the availability of cell lithium-ion and the more than 220 cell within the battery unit and the strength of up to 150 horsepower and peak torque to 370 Nm at the maximum speed of the car is 161 km / hour. Adopt the new design of the Chevrolet Volt on the aerodynamics, which plays a major role in increasing the rate of mileage and has appeared creativity of designers of General Motors to leave the design seamless from the outside in the front grille, closed stand sports, lines, graphics background, and mirrors of Foreign Affairs, In terms of design internal Vtaatgely all the features of comfort, safety and tranquility in the Volt, which can accommodate four passengers, this is in addition to providing a dashboard internal screen of information touch-screen to help the driver, the interior trim for the Chevrolet Volt settlement area in various colors and illuminations are different. Chevrolet Volt can go 40 miles (64 km) depending on battery only, using the electricity stored in lithium-ion battery, which amount to 16 kW power to move the wheels at all times and at all speeds without generating any emissions. There is a car engine fuel E85 generates electric power directly to the generating unit outages, and can continue to charge the battery at the same time and this has the ability to travel long distances to reach more than 480 kilometers, and that unlike all the other vehicles, battery-powered electric only. And help the Volt driver to get rid of "concern long-distance" and gives him a sense of confidence and trust. And can be charged car battery voltage by means of any source of domestic electrical work card 230 volts where she works smart battery technology to recharge in less than three hours. It is worth mentioning that has been carried out many experiments and tests on the Chevrolet Volt in wind tunnels for the company General Motors, the company will test the car in different weather conditions in a large number of countries.

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