French automaker Renault announces "Latitude"

French automaker Renault has released the first pictures and details about the new Renault car Latitude described by the company as a family saloon car will be global status. It is scheduled to be the first appearance of a new car dealerships in Moscow for cars at the end of next August, and then will be presented later in the Paris Motor Show in October. The length of the Renault Latitude 4.89 meters and its width up to 1.83 meters and a height of 1.49 meters. Although the company has not made all the details about the car but they said it would provide Bkchavat background lighting and LED front lights illuminating bi-Xenon in addition to feature the work of massage in the driver's seat, audio system, a powerful Bose Premium. Did not mention any details about the engine, but it is expected that there will be freedom in the choice of diesel engines and oil. It is scheduled to announce the price at a later time.

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