The German government refuses to help, "Opel"

Rejected the German Economics Minister Rainer Brodrljh formally's request "Opel," the German auto industry of the "GM" to get the U.S. government loan guarantees worth 1.3 billion dollars. The minister said that the decision was not easy, especially in light of the large number of workers of the company, but was in line with the free market system, and explained that the granting of "Opel" loan guarantees would undermine the principle of competition in the automotive sector, according to global reports Thursday. Brodrljh said when announcing the decision to reject that, confident that the "Opel" have a good future without the assistance or credit guarantees ". He emphasized that "General Motors" American owner of the Opel has a reserve of at least ten billion euros and can solve the problems of "Opel" easily without resorting to the aid. For his part, President of the "GM" in Europe, Nick Riley, "The company was hit, of course, disappointed with this decision, which causes seem incomprehensible," and pointed out that the German refusal will not affect the company's restructuring plan. General Motors is preparing to inject 1.9 billion euros in restructuring plan which is expected to cancel about eight thousand jobs. The company wants 1.8 billion euros in loan guarantees from European governments, including 1.1 billion euros from Germany.

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