Removing Body Shop Dust

If your car has ever had professional body shop repairs then you may well have encountered the problem of body shop dust. The light dust is created from sanding away at the body filler during the repairs and even if the body shop do wash your car before returning it, the chances are there will still be dust deposits in a number of areas in and around your car.

Body shop dust will accumulate in door shuts, on all interior surfaces if a door or window has been left open slightly during the repairs and even in and around the engine bay.

The most effective way to thoroughly and quickly remove accumulated body shop dust from exterior surfaces is to pre foam the car. This will easily soak through and loosen the dust which can then be properly removed along with the foam residue with a good rinse. Ideally the car should be properly washed and dried after foaming but if you are simply looking to quickly remove the excess dust for the time being then a good pre foam and thorough rinse will take care of this.

If dust has accumulated in door shuts and under the bonnet/hood, then these areas should be cleaned prior to the rest of the exterior. The engine bay can also be pre foamed and lightly rinsed off but you must ensure that any sensitive areas are covered up and that you thoroughly dry the area afterwards with a micro fibre towel.

Door shuts can be pre sprayed with a diluted all purpose cleaner or simply cleaned with a wash mitt and normal shampoo solution then lightly rinsed off, being careful not to wet the interior by aiming the flow of water away from the car. Soft bristled detailing brushes can be used to access tight, awkward areas and to help remove more stubborn accumulated dust.

To remove body shop dust that has settled in the interior all surfaces must first be thoroughly vacuumed. Carpets and upholstery should be lightly pre sprayed with either a designated upholstery cleaning product or a diluted all purpose cleaner and then vacuumed off. It is important to do this as the body shop dust can smell quite strongly and pre spraying before vacuuming will help to eliminate the smell.

A soft brush attachment should be used to vacuum off leather, plastics and trim and should be used in conjunction with a soft bristled detailing brush to help lift dust from tight, awkward areas such as vents and switchgear. Leather should then be wiped over with a damp micro fibre towel and a small amount of a designated leather cleaning product. All other plastics and trim should at least be thoroughly wiped over with either a diluted all purpose cleaner or a plastic/trim cleaner and can then be dressed if desired. Interior glass should not be overlooked and should also be cleaned as the dust will easily settle on it, even if it is not obviously visible.

The final step would be to use an air freshening product to help restore a pleasant smell. It is advisable that during the interior dust removal all the doors are opened fully to help aerate the interior and to aide the removal of any strong body shop odours.

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