What Are Some Gas Saving Myths That You Shouldn't Believe?

When you are trying to save money on gasoline, you generally change up the way you drive a bit just so that you can not use as much gasoline. There are many good tips that will help you save some money while driving. There are many other things that are nothing more than myths that you shouldn't believe else they can end up costing you money.

Some advocate that rolling the windows down is better than using air conditioning. When driving the difference between these two is negligible. The reason is because the windows down causes drag while the air conditioning take a bit extra gasoline. Either way there is a cost. Just do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Some people advocate buying gas on a certain day of the week. The idea is getting a better quality gas that might be better for you or might cost you less money. There is no data to actually support these claims. If you want to get a good deal on gas, just use websites that report the data to you. When you see a low price, go fill up.

Some advocate that you should always idle your car as opposed to turning it off then turning it back on. On more recent models of cars, the cost of gas to turn the vehicle on is not that much. In almost every case turning off the car is going to save you gas.

There are many who talk about adding certain parts to your car so that it can run on water. This seems at first like a huge conspiracy about how everything could just run on water. The reality is that these products are just not working the way that is stated that they will work.

Some talk about adding certain chemicals to your gasoline to make it give you a better gas mileage. There isn't anything to support these claims. This process is also potentially dangerous.

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