Car Alarm Industry and Manufacturers

Car alarm is a vital component of car security system. Its growing demand proves it is effective against car theft and burglary. Car alarm systems range from basic to highly advanced. The manufacturers keep on distributing a wide variety of models. They still manufacture large quantity of one-way car alarms. Two-way car alarm systems are mostly produced for distribution in developed nations. Many car alarm makers are now manufacturing car tracking system employing the technology of Global Positioning System. Police can now track the movements of stolen vehicles using this system. Prices are more or less stable in spite of the rising cost of materials due to the tight competition among manufacturers. Many companies producing car alarms acquire highly advanced equipment and introduce computer testing system to meet customers� satisfaction. Their products are carefully tested at facilities with simulation testers and temperature chambers to ensure reliability. Their engineering departments develop high and technically advanced car alarms to satisfy the special requirement and certification of countries worldwide. Manufacturers also offer the most affordable cost effective shipping methods, and they make sure that products are always delivered on time. Makers of car alarm are looking for ways to mass produce hybrid car alarms attuned to the standards of the National Insurance Crime Bureau for vehicle security. Hybrid alarms for automobiles are more durable and in many ways better than traditional car alarms. Most manufacturers concentrate on improving the quality, enhancing stability, reducing power consumption and bettering control range of their products. They even distribute accessories like central locking kits and reversing sensors. China ranks fourth among the world�s largest car manufacturers. Its car production is estimated at 5.1 million in 2004 and the actual sales have reached 5 million units. Because China has a big local market to serve, car security industry has also expanded, serving both the domestic and foreign markets. Taiwan has moved most of its production of basic car security alarm to the mainland and scaled down on its own manufacturing. Nevertheless, it focused on providing comprehensive car security solutions and satisfies specific requirements. The increase in demand for car alarms and other car security products in China are considered sustainable. International players continually strengthen their presence in China attracted by the foreseeable growth of car security business and car manufacturing. Both Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers have penetrated the car security OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market already. Directed Electronics Inc. is one of the largest companies in the world distributing car security products. It is the company behind Viper car alarms. It is largely praised by installers and customers for its great features and benefits integrated into the system. JSC Diveti is a company established in 1994 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Few years later, this company became one of the biggest importers of car security systems. The company begun the production of car security system named Sharpshooter in 2004. The alarm system is manufactured utilizing the technology SMD (surface-mount device). The excellent design process and the creativity of Divetis was evaluated then certified by accredited international laboratory. Guangzhou Car-mate Technology Co. Ltd; manufactures, researches and exports car electronics products. The company produces GSM car alarm, GPS car navigation and HID (high-intensity discharge) xenon kits.

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