Jaguar is preparing for "Auto Make" by XJ luxury

MTI is preparing exclusive dealer for "Jaguar" in Egypt to launch a new car of the mark ancient English through the exhibition "Auto Make 2010" which begins next Thursday. It is scheduled to be put company's new generation of car, "Jaguar" XJ luxury interference with fierce competition in the category of luxury cars, high-volume, controlled by the "Mercedes" Class S, as well as the BMW category VII. The pool car "Jaguar XJ" which is the largest and most luxurious model within the "Jaguar" between the lines and elegant design sports luxury cars. Were provided with the new car's third-generation engines, "Aj-V8" eight-cylinder capacity 5000 cc power 510 or 470 horsepower, and through automatic transmission with six speeds and which is characterized by high ability to adapt to different methods of leadership.

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