GM and Mansour reveal "V" in the Auto Make

At least an official invitation from my company "General Motors Egypt and Mansour Automotive" to attend a press conference convened by Rajiv young, chairman and managing director of the company "General Motors Egypt," said Adel Khader, Managing Director, "Mansour Automotive." And identified the two companies date and place of the press conference on the opening day of the exhibition "Auto Make Today's News 2010" Thursday in the Exhibition Hall Bmodellat "Chevrolet and Opel." Volt One surprise And will reveal the young and vegetables provided by the most important companies during the show, and surprises that aware that one of them is to present the car "Chevrolet Volt" for the first time in Egypt. The "V" Hope in the automotive industry of environmentally friendly, consuming one liter per 100 kilometers only while driving within the city, according to preliminary tests. Featuring "V", which powered hybrid, fuel and electricity being able to travel at speeds of about 60 km using the electric battery alone. As can a gasoline engine that connects to the fuel tank capacity of 55 liters that recharges the battery while driving the car to be able to walk a distance of up to 1000 km, can also recharge the battery during the night through the development of plug in electric car. And distinctive in its provision of energy The "General Motors Egypt," the most important companies operating in the Egyptian market, and check the sales figures every year high, according to the report of the Information Center marketer of cars, "Amik". The first plant set up by the company in Egypt dates back to 1983, in 6th of October City, which began actual production of the plant in the same year car transport, followed by passenger cars, and do all the production lines under the supervision of a trained technician and systems of global manufacturing, which is characterized by all the factories " General Motors "about the year.

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