Insurance Options For Your Mercedes Benz

So you've bought the car of your dreams - a beautiful recedes Benz. Now you want it protected on the road, from theft and in the case of accidents. For Mercedes Benz owners, Mercedes Benz has provided special insurance packages for used Mercedes Benzes to suit every owner's needs.

Motor Insurance Package

Not all insurance packages are suited to the needs of a Mercedes Benz driver. A Benz is, after all, a unique and classy car that combines paramount engineering and unsurpassed style - hence you want an insurance package that will truly protect all of this.

A motor insurance package can be adapted to your needs as a driver, but they generally cover a few particular areas for the Mercedes Benz driver, which includes, personal belongings cover, child seat cover, cover for your key if lost or stolen, as well as protection for your car when using it out of the country. The will also provide you and your car with transportation if your car is in an accident and in need of repairs.

First Cover

Now with the option of first cover insurance, you can drive away your used luxurious car immediately. This complimentary insurance package lets you drive for up to seven days with motor insurance cover. It includes everything as standard in the motor insurance package, plus, a courtesy car if needed as standard.

Payment Protection Insurance

In case anything changes in your life, a payment protection plan allows you to be flexible with your repayments. The protection plan covers circumstances, such as the death of the owner, accident and sickness (i.e. you can't work because of a disability) and unemployment. It also benefits from up to £100,00 life cover, plus any repayments; no medical examinations needed and no occupation or job restrictions. For more information on conditions, ask your used Mercedes Benz car dealer.

Gap Insurance

Used Mercedes Benz car dealers have come up with gap insurance in case your car is stolen, written off or involved in an accident. There are two Gap insurance options, the Finance Gap insurance option and the Invoice Gap insurance. The former protects you against any shortfall in your finance settlement, if your vehicle is stolen and unrecovered, written off or involved in a serious accident. Whilst, Invoice insurance, provides you with the difference between the original price you paid (in the invoice) and the insurance settlement, when the car is written off, stolen and unrecovered, or in a accident.

Insurance cover is very important, after all, you want to protect your investment. Have a look at what Mercedes Benz resellers have to offer you in their insurance policies, but also check out other insurance options elsewhere, which may have specialist insurance for specialist vehicles.

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