I Love Cheap New York Car Hires

Although the capital of the United States is Washington DC, the city that first comes to mind when thinking about America is New York. The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, the Emerald City and many other nicknames have been used to describe this amazing place. Come visit America's biggest city and use a cheap car hire New York to get around. The urban area is absolutely huge and the only way to travel from borough to borough is with the help of a New York car hire. You can cruise from Manhattan to the Bronx, to Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn with little effort. Another great aspect of hiring a car is that you have the freedom for travelling to all of the nice areas that are outside of the city center. Of course the main reason you come to New York is to see the big city and all of its splendor, but a cheap car hire can take you to some of the most tranquil and unique places outside of downtown.

Start by picking up your car in one of the many airports that serve the city. Airports are the best place to start your holiday because it is your most likely point of entry. You can also pick up the vehicle from the many city locations in New York. The first borough you should visit is Manhattan. This is the part of New York that is most well known. Drive a New York car hire to the Emerald State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and Time Square to get the full effect of the city. Everywhere you turn in Manhattan there are interesting places that you will know from TV or the movies. Wall Street, the World Trade Center site and Central Park are a few of the other famous destinations. For a glimpse into the lesser known parts of the city, drive a New York car hire into Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens to see other impressive attractions.

With car hire in New York, all of the city attractions are brought closer with the ease of transportation. You can easily travel to the nice places outside of the city limits. Head north into the area know as Upstate New York and enjoy the beautiful nature that is not expected when you think about this place. Take the New York car hire to Geneva, Ithaca or Syracuse and enjoy the natural environment and the famous Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes get their name because they are long and skinny in shape. If you want to see some of the big cities in Upstate New York, check out Rochester or Buffalo and enjoy their location on the Great Lakes of northern USA.

With all of these great cities and lakes to visit in the state, you will be best served with a cheap New York car hire. Take some time to see all of the famous city locations then drive outside the urban area to really experience this wonderful state. It is easily the best way to explore all of the places you want on the schedule you choose. Maybe at the end of the trip, you will get a t-shirt that says, "I love Cheap New York Car Hire."

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