Searching For the Best New Car Deal

Are you looking for the best new car deal? Does it infuriate you when you go to buy a new car and the price gets inflated by all the car dealer additions for this fee and that fee ?

Before you go looking for the best new car deal you need to be know just what the car dealer has up his sleeve. Do your own research before you go to the showroom. Know your own facts do not rely on what the salesman tells you. Salesmen have a way of bending the truth when they think a sale is imminent.

The car dealer sends his staff to special training to teach them how to increase the profit on a sale.

1) He teaches his staff to steer you towards the higher specification of the model you are looking for. The one with the power seats, super stereo sound, leather upholstery. When you finally get to the one you were interested in all of sudden it doesn't look so good.
2) He trains his staff in the bait and switch method of selling. It can be something simple like walking past a car in the showroom and suddenly changing course and saying "have you seen this one that has just come in, this isn't for sale as it got snapped up within 10minutes of delivery, but just look inside". Have you taken the bait? Human nature makes us want what we cannot have.
3) Salesmen are experts at selling the extras, like paint sealant, upholstery and carpet protection. Don't get sucked in you don't need it.
4) Dealer fees and government mandated charges. Which are legitimate and which are additional car dealer profit.
5) Dealer servicing is another big add on for a car dealer. An oil change can cost you double what it does at the local quick lube center.

Before you go searching for the best new car deal you need to know the facts. You need to know what the dealers profit is on a certain car, you need to know what discounts are being offered by the manufacturer. Is there a new model or an updated model being delivered next week? All these things are things that the car dealer will not tell you and can end up with the best new car deal not quite being as good as you thought.

You need to find out which of the fees and extra charges are legitimate mandated government fees and which are simple car dealer additional profit. Which of the fees can be negotiated and which can be eliminated altogether. Train yourself to know all the sales gimmicks and you just might get the best new car deal for yourself.

What better way to know the insider scoop from an ex car salesman who "tells all" Car buying is a major investment for you and getting the right deal and the right price should be paramount. Find out ALL you need to be forewarned about before you go to the showroom. Visit The Best Car Deal you will be so glad you did, what is sweeter than a new car ? A new car at a steal of a price. Learn how to do it.

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