The Most Highlighted Feature of BMW M3

BMW has always been known for its style and look that constantly pulls the attention of car lovers from every corner of the world. This auto manufacturer has always introduced so many best designed car models that at times making a decision to choose a model among different modelled BMW series has been very tricky and daunting as well. If you are new to BMWs then definitely it is going to be very complex as you may find it very hard to choose between all different models. However, at the moment, one model that has pulled the customers' attention is its brand-spanking-new BMW M3 model.

Introducing a new model in its 3 series, BMW M3 is the latest and most dynamic model to take advantage of BMW's original efficient dynamics technology. This car is based on BMW's popular 3 Series sedan and comes with a modified engine, aerodynamics and exterior styling. In fact, when it comes to performance you may be totally speechless as there is no comparison. It is one of the best designed car model that will actually thrill you with its high-performance.

Technically speaking, this BMW car model derives power from a 4.0-litre V8 engine that has a maximum output of 420 bhp @ 8400 rpm and a peak torque of 400 Nm @ 3900 rpm. Moreover, there is no match to its high performance braking system that can react quickly and effectively. In fact, its lightweight braking system is generally featured with the high-performance compound disc brakes that in turn help in excellent braking even under wet weather conditions. Its dynamic control lets driver adjust the throttle response and steering assistance effectively. Adding to this, outfitted with a lightweight, ventilated clutch, this is definitely a model that is built for speed and high performance.

Its interior highlights a lifestyle, where every functional detail has been crafted to the highest standards. Moreover, it provides its drivers and passengers with functional dashes and consoles that is a class of its own. Nevertheless, featured with its refined lines along with sporty exterior, and commanding innovations, this new car sets a new benchmark in the luxury car segment. It has got a remarkably frivolous yet muscular carbon roof and an unmatched 'M' chassis. Featuring the body coloured bumpers with large air dams on the front gives it the most dynamic appearance that even ensures in the fast cooling of the powerful engine.

Finally, if we talk in terms of its safety, then this new model has got the bright xenon headlamps that come with an automatic range control, along with a headlight washing system. This BMW M3 also has got adaptive headlights, which is very effective and useful while you make sharp turns in the road. Apart from all these, this new model also comes with airbags system that mainly includes driver and front passenger airbags, head airbags at the front and rear, and side airbags.

Tested and driven on some of the toughest proving grounds in the world, this is definitely a car model that you must own. This is yet another well made and designed vehicle from BMW that you would appreciate owning and will always love to drive.

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