Listen - Your Brakes Are Talking to You

Driving miles after miles down city streets or highways really takes a toll on your ride. Everything from stop-and-go traffic to abrupt stops during rush hour, your brakes have saved your life time and time again. So, your brakes deserve to be saved by you, as well. But, don't wait until your brakes are screeching like nails down a chalk board to inspect them.

It is suggested that drivers check their brake components every time they rotate their wheels, or as soon as they feel a change in performance. Keep an eye on your pads, rotors and brake lines and replace them immediately if you suspect it's time since each part plays a vital role in stopping your vehicle.

• Brake pads are the thin piece of friction-producing material that presses up against the vehicle's rotor and causes the wheel to stop rotation.

• Brake rotors are the rotating part of the brake system which is clamped by the caliper and the brake pads to cause the wheel to stop.

• Brake lines are the system of pipes or hoses that connect the master cylinder to the brake system.

How do you know when it's time to replace any of these brake components? Keep an eye out for these signs of trouble:
• Squealing brake
• Brake pedal pumping
• Sudden and hard brake pedal
• Spongy brake pads, or
• The grinding of the brakes

Your next step is to find quality replacement parts that can get your vehicle back in optimum condition. One of the most trusted names in the braking industry is Brembo. Brembo is known for their original equipment and aftermarket brake components all over the world. In fact, Brembo is a worldwide leader in brake performance and hope to continue with innovations in brake system technology.

Other companies in the braking industry specialize in specific components within the braking system. For example, StopTech, Goodridge and Skyjacker are key players in brake lines. Replacing your brake lines with these top-of-the-line brands enhance your pedal feel and easily outperform your stock brake lines. Or if you're looking for brake pads, EBC and Hawk are the key players you need to consider. Just remember that quality brake components mean increased safety!

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