Finding the Right Type of Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. There are a number of different versions, all well-equipped with standard features and all able to be upgraded with some optional features. Following is a comparison of the Wrangler Rubicon 2 Door 4x4, Wrangler Islander 2 Door 4x4 and the Wrangler Mountain 2 Door 4X4.

The Rubicon, Islander and Mountain all come standard with a manual 6 speed transmission and a 3.8 liter v6 engine. All three models have an available option for a 4 speed automatic engine. The Rubicon features a 4:1 part time 4WD system while the Islander and Mountain versions come with a shift-on-the-fly four wheel drive system.

All feature 17-inch wheels with slight design differences. The Rubicon and Islander have painted satin carbon wheels. The Islander has aluminum painted wheels. Each come with a set of standard off-road tires and a matching spare wheel.

The sound systems for all three models begin with a standard media center 130 CD/MP3 radio. The Rubicon has as standard equipment a 368 watt, 7 speaker top-notch sound system which also includes a subwoofer. The Islander and Mountain models come with a six speaker system that can be upgraded as an option with the 368 watt system. Satellite radio comes standard on the Rubicon and is an option for the other models.

Cloth seats with adjustable head restraints come with the basic Rubicon package. An optional two toned leather trimmed seat is available. The Islander has a cloth seat and features the Islander logo. The Wrangler Mountain's seats are also cloth with an embedded Mountain logo.

Heavy duty front and rear next generation axles provide a sturdy ride for off-road driving and are standard fare on the Rubicon. The Islander and Mountain have a heavy duty rear axle and a solid front axle.

A power convenience group consisting of power door and window locks, an alarm system and a keyless entry system is available on the different models.

Air conditioning and fog lamps are standard on all models. All come with a soft top roof. A three-piece, rigid, modular top is available as an option on all three models.

Choices for exterior color are the most extensive on the Rubicon. There are two shades of red, two shades of blue, green, black, charcoal, white and silver exterior paint on this model. The Islander has black, white, silver and blue color options. The Mountain has a choice of black, mango, blue and green.

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