Cool Car Accessories and Extras For Your Used Mercedes Benz

Available to used Mercedes Benz are a number of cool and useful accessories and extras, which help you make your journey smooth and protect your car as well.

Used Mercedes Benz retailers have brought out a number of cool accessories to make your journey even cooler than ever before. From convenient devices to security measures, they have over at Mercedes Benz thought about it all!

Of course Mercedes would include as an extra an I-pod integration kit - that fabulous little kit, which means you can listen to all of your music whilst on the go. Easy to attach and use, I-pod kits are effortless.

An angel has come to help you - well a GPS angel anyway. The Road Angel is an ace accessory, which notifies you of accident blackspots and cameras, making your journey so much easier and smoother. No more sitting in heavy traffic or over stepping the speed limit for you anymore.

The tracker security system is one of the best tracking systems in the U.K. Used Benz retailers realize that your Benz is important to you and you want to keep it safe, away from the greedy hands of thieves, so used Mercedes Benz dealers have included the highest level of security in the U.K to your vehicle as an extra. Except for Mercedes Benz, the only users of this system are the police. It works by transmitting a unique signal from your car, which helps to locate the position of your car. Hopefully then you can recover your car and then catch the thief.

Another cool device is the parking aid, which helps you to navigate your car out of tight situations. By using ultrasonic waves which detect the position and the proximity to your car of other surrounding objects, it alerts you using sound to how close you are, enabling you to maneuver easily out of a tight spot.

There is even a Bluetooth interface for used Mercedes, which does not even need connecting. This stand alone device is easy to use and will enable you to all the tasks you need to do on the go.

Used Mercedes Benz retailers have created the perfect accompaniments to such a high class car. Convenience combined with a high level of security is what any Mercedes driver wants.

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