Acura Brake Booster - A Strong Way to Stop

Brake boosters are not for manual brakes. They are only used on power brakes to give more braking power with minimal pressure on the brake pedal. A brake booster is a device that provides extra braking power with the help of their hydraulic systems. They often work on vacuum pressure, but they also work in tandem with the master cylinder which holds the brake fluid to push brake fluid through the brake system.

How to install a brake booster?

First open the hood and locate the brake booster. It will be attached to the cylinder on the firewall. Loosen and remove the tube nuts holding the brake line to the master cylinder with the open-ended wrench. You can use a masking tape and a permanent marker to mark the location of where the brakes lines came from.

You will have to turn each tube nut counterclockwise to loosen and be especially careful that you do not damage the end of the nut while you are loosening it. Next, unbolt the two bolts holding the Brake Master Cylinder to the booster and remove the master cylinder.

Then, unbolt the five or six nuts holding the brake booster in place under the dash behind your vehicle's brake pedal. Then pull the retaining clip or pin in place using pliers then tap the pin out with the end of the pliers. Pull the Acura Brake Booster out of the firewall and out of the engine bay. Lower the new booster into the engine bay where the old break booster.

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